Monday, September 22, 2008

Psystar Apple Anti-trust Update

Sometime this week there should be news about the Apple / Psystar / Hewdell Packovo Suit countersuit

Apple is due to "Answer" Psystar's counter suit filed on August 28th  Psystars answer PDF (Groklaw article)

In case your sane and don't read 200 Apple RSS feeds a day.  A brief rundown.  Psystar is the company (by company I mean a couple of guys in their early 20s that are learning a lot right now) that started producing "Open Computers" back in April that run Mac OSX.  Apple, not pleased filed suit asking for all profits and all sold computers to be retrieved since their brand could be irretrievably damaged.  And then most recently Psystar countersued claiming that Apple is damaging consumers and them acting as a monopoly and Psystar should be able to produce computers that run Mac OSX.

In past comments we examined Psystar's argument,  but more importantly their motive (likely just greenmail, I know boring funded perhaps by their lawyer but we know not by them, They do not want to win) and a cool albeit unlikely conspiracy theory involving some of the worlds largest PC manufacturers (Hewdell Packovo).  

It would not be hyperbole to say that the face of the computer industry would change as a result  of a Psystar win in this suit however infinitesimally small the chance of that happening are.  In the mean time it is fun to follow along.

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Anonymous said...

the owners and employees of Psystar should be taken 50 miles out, and dumped at sea.

they company and lawsuit is absurd in the eyes of the law, they are thieves, everyone of them.