Tuesday, September 16, 2008

iPhone/Touch/App Store Vs. Nintendo DS

So, why if you had the alternative of the iPod Touch would someone buy a DS for their kid.

If current pricing in the App store for major publisher games holds (5.99-9.99 per game) the iPod Touch is the less expensive option if you buy more than 5 games.  Even cheaper if you have 2 kids since one purchase on iTunes will legitimately sync on a number of iPhones/Touches.

No Lost games, bigger screen, cheaper to own.  The only current Nintendo advantage is a large (huge actually) library of existing games.

Developers must like it too because distributing thru iTunes they have zero packaging costs as well as much lower distribution and sales cost. (Typical cut for publishers at retail is 50%  vs. the 70% at the App Store) it is clear with both EA and THQ now producing iPhone/iTunes content that the publishers are sold on the platform.

This market will not be as big as the iPhone but since 2004,  77 million DS's have been sold.   5-20 million Touches a year would be a very nice number. 

The iPod Touch is a much more flexible platform for any kind of software development but is super for games.  The open question remains... Will the market agree with my impeccable logic?

Edit ya I left out that the iPod is in fact an iPod.  

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