Wednesday, September 10, 2008

iPhone Hangover: The unfair expectations of the CGE!

When you have invented the coolest gizmo ever (CGE), everything that follows is ...   well ...  not the CGE.

Every Apple announcement cannot be the iPhone, Get over it.

Yesterday Apple introduced slick sequels to their iPod line of products and updated iTunes. They told us ahead of time what the purpose of the event.   The event went off pretty much as planned.  YET everyone went home feeling empty and sad.  Apple will sell between 25-30 million of these things between now and christmas that is impressive.

The problem is that at MacWorld in 2007 Steve Jobs Apple  changed expectations about what comes out of cupertino forever.  Nothing (Never say never but really NOTHING) can be as exciting as the introduction of the iPhone/coolest gizmo EVER (CGE for short)   And no matter how much we rationally thing about what is going to happen today, we hold out in the back of our feeble little Apple loving minds the hope that something magical like that time... back in 07....CGE... NOOOoooo

It does not help that the last several of these events have been anti-climatic since virtually everything but the color of the product is know ahead of time.  The leaks are a factor of the crazy fast growing size of Apple and its "affiliates" and likely cannot be changed.. but it does remove some of the magic of the reveal.

It also does not help that we have 47 year old men showing us how to play video games, DUDE. Schiller might has well have been wearing a leisure suit for how cool this was.   Truthfully the segment felt like filler for something that was not there.

There are the unreasonable unthoughtful expectations like iPods for $100 bucks or cheerful John Dvoraks, but this is different.  No matter what you thought was going to happen today it just was a little empty.  

You cannot invent the iPhone every year.


Anonymous said...

Apple introduced the worlds best hand held gaming device! Weren't you watching?

Anonymous said...

If you keep offering reasonable, considered opinion on Apple, how do you expect to troll for hits? :)

The iPod Touch is, along with the iPhone, a pretty strong potential casual game platform.

BnVested said...

I should say that but I assume iPhone=iPod Touch.

In addition to being exceedingly reasonable I am taller and more handsome than most.