Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Psystar, Hewdell Packovo, and Apple Antitrust


So as we have covered in the past Here and Here.  There may be more to Psystar than a couple of guys in a garage making Mac Knockoffs.  Think about this for a second.  You have the wherewithal (read cash) to start a business selling computers.  The business model you have chosen his shall we say... High RISK.  and right on cue Apple comes along and sues you.  Now comes the interesting part.  You Lawyer up and sue them back...    I will not handicap the chances of the case.   
Now lets suppose that the cost of this lawsuit will cost an amount equal to your projected net earnings of the business for  the next five years (read first and only) of the firm.  Now comes the question that leads you down the primrose path of conspiracy...


   Would you invest in a business with no hope of return for 5 years?  NO?  that makes you sane.  so what set of SANE circumstances would make Rudy Pedraza (CEO of Psystar see profile on Crunchbase) plan on losing money for the foreseeable future?    

What if Hewdell Packovo the not real in fact mythical computer company that produced close to half of all PC's in the world were looking for growth in a market segment that they could not currently compete?  And further what if Rudy Pedraza scion of underworld computer manufacturing were approached to start a company with Hewdell Packovo's' money and at no risk to himself in order to test the law and Apple's resolve around these very issues?

He sounds saner now.  
We don't know the the story of Psystar yet Rudy/Psystar could be sane and fighting the good fight with everything he has on principal but the usual outcome when a lawsuit is filed by a 150 billion dollar company is that the company folds.  

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