Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Podcaster... GooMo (Android) is Calling

Yesterday Apple shut down the back door that Alex Sokirynsky was using to distribute Podcaster.  


Podcaster duplicates iTunes Podcast distribution function.  This is a core feature of the iPhone/iTunes environment and one that Apple will not allow to be duplicated.  


There is no mystery here you could write/develop the coolest program in the world, if it duplicates core functionality of the existing iPhone it will be rejected.  Apple is not going to release a press release that says what it feels it has already communicated to developers and the developers have nothing to lose by bitching about big bad Apple.  Sokirynsky will take his resentment/skills to another platform, for which Apple may pay a price. 

Many respected voices in the intertubes have voiced the opinion that Podcaster does not duplicate any functionality of Apple Software.  Some of these voices distribute podcasts (that I like) so they may have a little bit of a blind spot.  Podcaster distributes podcasts wirelessly. 
Podcaster is a program that might have been used to stream podcasts directly from an iPhone/Touch wirelessly. Soon to be available on an Android phone near you.

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There were 88 new applications posted to iTunes last night. 3927 applications total 900 in the last two weeks!

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