Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Amherst College The Land of Mac Tech

Amherst College.  Appleland

Approximately 1/2 the incoming class of Amherst College (2012) has an iPhone or iPodTouch.  YOW! And is more likely to own a MAC (laptop) than a PC.  14 poor souls trudged to campus with desktops.  I suspect that at least half of these guys are first order geeks that wanted desktops, the rest just could not convince Dad to pony up.  

While that stuff is cool the Earth shattering number is that 1/3rd of the incoming class of 2003 applied online.  89% of this years class applied online.  That is dramatic.  

5 ...  Number of students with a landline phone.  FIVE.  

The world is changing.  Quickly.

Despite all the change that has occurred over the last thirty years we have only just begun to see the changes that will effect all of our lives as a result of the Personal Computing Revolution.

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