Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jobs: 10 Million iPhone Goal Reached!

Apple is telling the press that todays "Lets Rock event will be big because...

Steve Jobs will announce iPhone Sales to date and Apple may have reached their self imposed goal of  10 million iPhones for  calendar year 2008 3.5 months ahead of schedule. 

If the folks on the IMEA project at Investor Village are to be believed.  
To do this Apple has sold close to 6 million phones in the not yet complete September quarter. 

The Christmas quarter has always been big for Apple and iPhones are available in more places every day (point is that sales are going UP not staying flat or falling)  Should they sell 2.5-3 million phones a month for the rest of the year there could be between 17-20 million iPhones sold in Calendar year 2008.  Analysis is here   

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