Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On Analysts and Earnings Apple Reports today

This afternoon Apple will report another record quarter with both unit sales and revenues the best in the companies history.

If you knew before the announcement how many computers, phones, music players, Apple sold AND how much revenue they took in, you still could not reliably come up with a per share earnings number within 10% of what will actually be announced.

Analysts come up with a number because we (the investing public) goad them into it. It is a spectator sport. Some analysts will come closer to the actual number than others. Assuming they do not have inside information it is simply chance. Most of the analysts know this simple fact yet they submit to the kabuki because, well, they want to make a living.

Here, I can prove it.
If you knew Apples Gross Revenue all you would have to do to come up with an earnings number is accurately predict gross margin and tax rate. (that's all?) so on earnings of say 8 billion a 4% difference in gross margin would indicate a range of ~ 23 cents a share. Compound that with a 4% difference in tax rate (12 cents) and you could be off by 35 cents a share. And you knew the earnings!

Is that enough of a disclaimer?
Because I have to...
1.22 on 8.3 billion in Revenue

Writer is long Apple. Don't believe a thing he says, he is not particularly stable as evidenced by his willingness to predict (guess) earnings KNOWING he cannot possibly be correct.

So listen to what the Analysts say about the business

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