Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kvetching iPhone

iPhone is the Coolest Gizmo Ever.  Of this there is little doubt.  Even Joe the Plumber agrees!

That said I have a list of things that have begun to get on my nerves with my iPhone.

Prior to V. 2.2 a video podcast could be played as a video OR alternately as a Podcast.  This functionality is gone and it means that even if all I want to do is listen to the audio I am forced to leave the screen on wasting the battery.  There must be a way to let me listen to the Audio.

Podcasts now roll to the next file at the end of a recording.  Why?  I could see why you would want this in an audiobook but not a podcast.  Just End.  or better yet give me a choice in settings.

Maybe I am alone on this but the "Not New" flag is unreliable on syncs.  Meaning after listening to a recording to the end.  I sync my iPhone and it both does not reset as being read on iTunes and then is re-loaded as new content on my phone.

Alarm Clock
So do you think that clicking into the clock, then the alarm clock, then hitting edit, then selecting which of the multiple alarms you might have you actually want to edit, then setting a time, and then finally saving.  (Oh by the way you have to get up in 5 minutes!)

Mail Box that can deal with more than one account.  Because the iPhone cannot deal with more than one account there are 4 clicks to jump between inboxes.

Why limit me to iCal?  (or Outlook?) aren't there some open calendar schemes that could be supported?  Say Thunderbird?

Synced calendars don't show up.  Makes it unusable for me.  There are multiple calendars updated by multiple people that I need information from.  This should, to coin a phrase, Just Work.  In my mind it is the baseline sales pitch for the whole Mobile Me-Apple-environment thing.  So I use Google calendars.  

An aside...  Do you think that Apple can compete long term with Android if the Google Calendar WEB Application is better than what is written in native code on the device?  

Give me the ability to forward a contact in an email (or text).  Preferably in multiple formats but as a VCard for sure.  how embarrassing to pull out a pen and paper to write down information that I have to re-type into an email.   The people that see this are not thinking Gee Where can I get THAT phone.

Lastly is the most obvious.  Copy & Paste!  

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Writer is long Apple, and is sad he listened to the little voice in his head that said "Sub-Prime" it's the wave of the future!  Don't let this guy be the little voice in your head.

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