Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apple Taxing Users Offering "More" than customers need...Microsoft Sez So

Ina Fried in an interview on cnet, speaks with Brad Brooks of Microsoft.  Who explains in repeated and excruciating detail how it is that Apple "Taxes" its users.  It is an interesting point of view that goes something like this.

You want a laptop.  So you and your PC Wanting self  you might walk in to PC store.   Say you spend $799 and left happy.  OR in Brads alternative universe you poor consumer you, instead you walked into the shiny Apple store and they (clearly unfairly) charged you $1099.  For a clearly superior product.  Now Brads contention is that Since you spent $300 bucks more for the computer that you were "Taxed" unfairly by Apple....  Now setting aside for a moment that the computer and operating system are VASTLY different Assume Brads logic is good.  (strain) 

Now.  Here we are in Brads World.  How much would the "Tax" be in Opportunity time spent clicking on security dialogs, hangs, crashes, lost productivity due to other system being underpowered  do not exist on OSX?   What is the value of your time Brad?  Hmmm?  What if the "comparably equipped" PC actually cost more than the Mac as it often does?  is that a Tax Cut?

It is a crap argument Brad, I like it though,  Its like arguing that the difference in price between "American Process Cheese Food" and a lovely organic imported goat cheese is also a "TAX"

Here is Brad on OSX Vs. Windows viruses...
You know, it's hard to get a direct comparison, Ina. I want to be very specific in any kind of the data or the information that I give you there is that you're running one system versus another. The best way to really look at it is based on the Internet services, and what's really going on out there in terms of things like phishing or other types of scams that can actually happen through your browser or Internet experience. That really is much more of a direct comparison.
Good thing there is not a "TAX" on the cost of rebuilding your system after a virus then.  I guess that fee would be called a "shoulda bought a Mac" fee?

Paying a Premium price for a premium product is not a Tax, it is called getting what you pay for.  

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Anonymous said...

Lessseeee....like the tax paid for a BMW as compared to a Yugo?