Friday, October 10, 2008

iPhone/Safari Search Revenue

Mozilla receives 

Apparently v.2.2 of the iPhone Firmware includes a google search-bar on the top and right of the address bar just like in a "real" browser.

Revenue is the answer to the question you were going to ask.  Apple cut a deal with Google to put the search bar
 there and will receive income for how much it is used. 

Mozilla received the lions share of its income, $57 Million from Google for the Google branded search bar on it's browser last year.  Apple earns money on the iPhone/Safari browser too.

The back of the envelope...   Mozilla search share implies that 1% of search is worth ~$10 million from Google.  A month ago iPhone represented .3% of the Browser market or ~$3 million dollars worth of search.  It does not sound like much but wait a year.  When there are 50 million of these things on the ground the revenue will be $10s of millions of dollars.

Look, tens of millions of dollars is a lot of money even to a company that earned more than 4 billion dollars in the last year.

Just as an aside when I say iPhone I mean iPhone AND iPod Touch.  Don't be so offended shees.

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