Monday, October 6, 2008

Psystar Delays Delays Delays

Last Week Apple filed for dismissal of Psystar's Anti-Trust countersuit filed in California.  There is an excellent summary of what is going on along with links to all the public documents over at Groklaw (LINK)  .  

The next pertinent date appears to be Nov 6th when the judge could rule on the request for dismissal.  In the mean time Psystar has until Oct 15th to file some counter arguments to the request for dismissal.  Should the case not be dismissed it would appear to my non legal mind that this "ADR" agreement moves the case out of the court and into private mediation.  Private mediation would mean no more public documents.

Where is the fun in that?!

Just as a reminder, I am not a lawyer, (nor did I play one on TV) I barley passed english and most everything I write is made up.  Except for the disclaimers nothing here is presented as fact.

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