Wednesday, October 8, 2008

iBrick: "Revolutionary" SALES Process...

Look There may be a "Revolutionary Manufacturing process" code named iBrick (I LOVE code names!). But in advance of being proven incorrect. I call bullshit.

1, Customers do not care about "Process" if it makes the product better GREAT we love it but sans improvement no sales. So for example the laptop were more ridged or significantly lighter or better at dissipating heat. it would be killer.

2, If there is a "process" why would it have to be here and Apple building factories? Double Bullshit!. One of the reasons Apple is so Profitable is they do not own factories or huge backlogs of inventory. It also provides them flexibility in product design, and does not mary them to plant and equipment that can (READ WILL) become obsolete.

3, As an example. Dell and AMD have BOTH announced in recent weeks that they are selling off factories and ramping up orders from third party manufacturers in an effort to cut costs. I point this out just as a corporate reality of the immense cost of owning manufacturing. Dell and AMD are not companies that Apple should generally be emulating (Apple=good, Dell=huh?)

Really revolutionary would be having the iBrick sold on street corners by Earthfriend Jen. "Would you like some water or Hemp with that?"

I'm just sayin.


Anonymous said...

I personally don't know if Apple is building a factory, but it would be cool if they were.

1. Customers care about product differentiation. I sold quite a few Macs back in the day by pointing out how Apple designed and built their products, while Gateway et al. just assembled generic East Asian parts and slapped a cow's behind on the box.

2. Apple loves control. Steve has built two nearly completely automated factories (Mac and Next) before, only to be betrayed by lackluster demand. There is also additional flexibility in that Apple can still outsource when desired, but retain the ability to produce products with parts and processes exclusive to Apple.

3. I completely agree that Apple should emulate neither Dell nor AMD. Hence if they outsource, Apple must manufacture!

The 'brick' could just be the product of Computerworld's overactive imagination. Maybe they are into the hemp too?

BnVested said...

Thanks Bob you make excellent points. I did read the Fortune piece from the early 90's. Did you notice the SIZE of the factory?

20,000 SF

That is the size of a Blockbuster video store.

NeXt was not Apple.

I actually think the Laptop/Phone/whatever you want to build would be cool with the method. I just think the factory Idea is Highly unlikely.