Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Apple and Psystar Restore my Faith in Humanity

Hello Apple!

Welcome to my twisted world.  Where things make sense when you "Follow the money"

Hewdell Packovo you say?!!! Hewdell Packovo is behind Psystar?!!!! who would have thunk it possible that two twenty somethings could start a real (albeit illegal, imoral, cruel, ok maybe mot cruel) company, stick their middle fingers up in the air, hire a big expensive law firm to defend (dare I say OFFend) them selves against a 100 billion dollar company.

Someone finally figured out that there may be players in the current market place that might benefit from Apple losing control of their IP as it pertains to Hardware made to run OSX.   Hmmmmmm.

If I cannot pose that I called the housing crash (and I cannot, I did really but you know the saying... If it wasn't blogged it did not really happen.. its a saying, really)  Than I CAN say I called Hewdell Packovo the nefarious funder of all things Psystar.  

Here are some of the Psystar links from the last SIX months.

There are more just click on the keyword Psystar

First post in a while, I am pondering my navel trying to figure out the best way to take over the world.  When I figure it out, I will let you know.  Unless taking over the world means I cannot tell you first.  In which case, Sorry.

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Unknown said...

Next you're going to tell us you invented the internet.