Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weather Underground iphone Local weather Hurricanes and more...

Review of free iPhone Web-App Weather Underground.
I have tried several iPhone specific weather applications and this is by far the best setup.

click on this link in your iPhone to open Http://

You will be presented with a splash screen including some links for severe weather and regions of the US,  Put a US Zip Code in the search screen and hit search.

There is a feature header followed by the weather in your area.

Current, Radar, Forcast, and Warnings buttons will each take you to a one iPhone screen sized outline of just what you want to see.   The data is right off the NOAA web site but better formatted and easier to read. the Warnings information in particular is timely and easy to find.

You can track hurricanes, and 
watch thunderstorms come in. We used the Radar feature to see if we were driving into any thunderstorms one day last month. very handy.   It will give you a running forcast for the next 8 days of weather Time of sunrise and sunset and the current state of the moon

To add the app to your home screen, find the location you want the weather for then press the + at the bottom of the screen.  

Give it a name and your good to go.  Enjoy...

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