Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mobile Me

         Like finding out Mom’s famous Home Made beans really came from a can

Mobile Me, is a huge disappointment.  I purchased the family plan on the “Exchange for the rest of us” tag.  Finally .Mac Makes sense to me.  The ability to manage a household calendar with multiple users that updates over the air to my iPhone!  Oh yea that is worth a subscription but Holy Crap!  Even without all the launch issues the omission of multiple user calendar sync the iphone made it a non starter.  You know what I hate about it though… the unfulfilled promise.  It’s so Microsoft to talk about all the features that don’t actually work. (yes I still have a resentment about the Win 98 computer that never woke up…) The Mobile Me overpromise/vaporware is like finding out your favorite ball player used steroids.  I want to return it.  It is sad really I should grow up and expect Apple to act like the Multinational corporation they are.  The thing is though I want it to work so I am continuing to play with it I downloaded Busysync ( to see if that will help me get close enough to what I need.  It seems pretty slick but remind me again why I need Mobileme if I can sync everything using Busysinc?…  More to come

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