Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hewdell Packovo, Psystar and Apple

Psystar Lawsuit update…

Recently I outlined a possible conspiracy theory that while unlikely is fun and well… its fun.


Just for fun I think I will try and track the goings on of the lawsuit as it progresses.  As a little background Psystar came into existence in the first couple of weeks of April shipping “Open Computers” with Mac OSX Pre installed.  Initially they could not even promise system updates since the OSX Servers would not have recognized the computers as Macs.  That being solved they expanded their offerings to include servers.  

Apple apparently filed their Lawsuit on July 3 and since then there have been several extensions for hearings (most likely procedural) but they are currently scheduled to meet/have a hearing/beatdown, on July 28th.

Along the way and this feeds right into the single bullet theory that are my paranoid flailings, they hired Their Lawyers Carr & Farrell LINK Who Have apparently worked/fought with Apple in the past.

Just thinking about the nature of this case don’t you think that Hewdell Packovo even without the conspiracy theories is VERY interested in following the progress/outcome?

Information week thinks so

So What happens…..  

To Apples stock price if they lose…

To Psystar if they win?

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