Friday, July 16, 2010

Bad day to be a case manufacturer

I think the most important news to come out of today's press conference was missed by most if not all of the scads of reporting firepower assembled to record the event.

Apple is in the case business because of the failure of existing manufacturers to keep their collective mouths shut about upcoming products.

Can you imagine being the CEO of an accessory maker and having to hear that today? Ouch. It reminds me of the take the cookies away from all the kids until whoever scratched dads car door comes forward. ( it wasn't me really ).

Steve Jobs...
Sometimes websites buy stolen property and they get out there... and case makers have a history of showing off their new cases for our new products. The case vendors haven't had a history of helping to keep our work under wraps

Maybe they already knew they were screwed, maybe Phil or Steve told them just how screwed.

But now they have been screwed.

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