Friday, July 16, 2010

Antennagate: The pre presser briefing

Ben Vested

Only a few people know what apple will announce at tomorrows press conference. Every news outlet in the country will be covering the pressed as the biggest story of the day...

Did anyone notice BP stopped the oil today on day 90 (maybe)

This silly season frenzy is fun ( maybe not so much for the few at the center of this), a welcome diversion from the real news that is so serious and depressing. There are also a huge number of stakeholders in the outcome. The two to three million of us that already have the phone-4 the 80 million of us that have older iPhones. The stockholders, press/blogosphere.

Friday afternoon coverage will be wall to wall.

The facts have been well covered so I will not repeat them here. For my part I think that there is a perceptible reception issue with the new phone. That said, I have used mine daily since launch day I find it delightful to use with significantly better coverage and sound quality than the previous phone.

The real issue is that it is an issue. At every opportunity since the stunning 1.6 million unit launch weekend. Apple has stepped on it's collective wiener. (Hold Different?)
Apple is going to have 60 billion dollars in revenue this year they are second only to Exxon in US market cap. They are no longer the little guy they are no longer "The Rest Of Us".

I do not know what he announcement will be. I do expect it will be definitive and final. It is fun watching everyone try to guess. Who knew RF engineering could be cool?

Here are a couple of great links to articles summarizing the events of the last three weeks.
A little geeky but very clear follow up on the actual issue and performance. Link

He famously does not use an iPhone. Interesting take Link

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thom said...

Did they rush this thing? Have they gotten cocky? This all just seems very unusual for Apple. It reminds me of the stories I've heard about VW quality suffering when business was gettin' good.