Thursday, July 22, 2010

Antennagate the Because we Can't Let it Go Edition

First it aint over...  Antennagate is guaranteed to be in the news at least thru September when they either announce more free cases OR as Steve said in the briefing  Who knows maybe we will have figured out something better by then.

I thought it made sense to apply a little critical though (ok very little)  to Antennagate the press conference.  

What is interesting  about the drop call rate is that according to Anand Lal Shimpi from Anandtech (on TWIT Sunday iTunes link) the iPhone 4 really does have a measurably more sensitive antenna and will hold onto a call in weaker areas better than previous iPhones but then he went onto explain that that in their testing the iPhone4  did have more dropped calls in stronger signal areas where the iPhone 3GS did not.  Are you fascinated yet  I mean this is scintillating stuff!  OK so what you say is the point. 

Add the fact that Steve Made clear in his presentation that they actually do not know why the drop rates are higher than the 3GS.

What if the antenna is in fact performing exactly as designed and the drops have nothing to do with the antenna?   ( I know but you can put your finger on the thing and the bars drop forget about the frickin bars for a minute)

As one possibility not because I think this is the solution but just as an example... What if the issue is something different about the way the software controls the radio in medium signal areas (ostensibly to improve battery life) that is buggy or needs tweaking?

Other stuff

It also seemed very clear to me that Consumer reports sucker punched Apple.  They effectively outlined the problem, and posed what they thought was solution.  Apple came out and provided the solution Consumer reports telegraphed would make them happy and BLAM not good enough.  

Why just AT&T returns?  I mean why not Apples?  look no black hats here just a weird omission.

I have seen it other places but the whole 1 out of a hundred thing was intentionally designed to minimize the size of the issue.  based on all the numbers I have seen none of which may be right the droped call difference is somewhere between 10 and 50% worse than the iPhone 3gs.  Try this.... Only one more out of a hundred flights crash  ( you get the point)

Look this is a real issue but it is not the reason not to buy the phone.  Apple looks standoffish they (Steve) says stupid things but over time when confronted with issues with their products Apple has  the right thing

Look for my semi annual where is my dividend rant coming soon to this blog...

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