Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Amazon Runs out of Kindles people forced to read backs of cereal boxes

I and many others made the mistake of thinking that the iPad would kill the Kindle. I mean if you want to read a book you can have either and then oh yea the iPad will bag your groceries and wash the car too, who would buy the Kindle?* Apparently a lot of folks. Amazon is sold out of it's current run of kindles. Macworld story

Looking back I think Amazon may have thought so too. (remember the whole removing publishers thing). We are reminded by reality that one product does not a market make and that there need to be alternatives. The introduction of the iPad into the marketplace may have actually increased sales of kindle. The logic saying that prior to the iPad the kindle was perceived as a fringy device and the introduction of the iPad further legitimized the market for e-readers of which the kindle is both capable and significantly cheaper than the iPad.


* Either that or amazon only ordered like 10

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